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Lady Cromer Jewelry is a California based brand that offers unique, large-scale jewelry inspired by nature.  Each piece is handmade in the USA. A percentage of profits are donated to charities that support young women and girls in the community.  

Chain Extender


Chain Extender

2017-06-30 12.08.17.jpg
2017-06-30 12.08.17.jpg

Chain Extender


Add a chain extender to any necklace to give it an extra 2".  Most of the necklaces in the shop are 17".

Please choose from the metal options listed above, which are sterling silver, rose gold fill, or gold fill which means that they will not tarnish or chip.  Wear them all day long and in the shower, the pool, etc.  These are meant to be worn continuously!

For 14k gold or platinum please email us at for pricing and details.  

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