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Lady Cromer Jewelry is a California based brand that offers unique, large-scale jewelry inspired by nature.  Each piece is handmade in the USA. A percentage of profits are donated to charities that support young women and girls in the community.  


Molar Ring


Molar Ring


The Molar RIng is a favorite at LCJ, and we especially love it as a pinky ring.  There are so many cool facets to this piece.  Did you know that dentists use the same technique to cast a crown that we use to carve and cast our jewelry?  The lost wax casting technique is an ancient practice and is used to cast metals for anything from fine art to jewelry to a crowned tooth. 

This piece is also inspired by a long past trend in jewelry history.  During the 19th century, sentimental Victorians would have their children's baby teeth set into fine jewelry.  This was done as a love token and worn with pride by the wealthy of the time.  Many of these pieces still exist and are traded as highly valuable pieces of history.  

This ring is an original LCJ design hand-carved by designer April Cromer.  While it is not modeled after anyone's tooth in particular, (sorry to disappoint) it was carved referencing a dentist's model of a #19 molar on the lower left side of the mouth.  So, potentially, everybody has one.

It is made out of sterling silver, although we would be happy to customize the material for you.  

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At Lady Cromer we do offer a one time free polish within a year of purchase.  After that any jeweler can polish the piece for you at minimal cost.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of this item.