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4327 Santa Cruz Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107
United States

(619) 972-3848

Lady Cromer Jewelry is a California based brand that offers unique, large-scale jewelry inspired by nature.  Each piece is handmade in the USA. A percentage of profits are donated to charities that support young women and girls in the community.  


LC 11-13 Web-90.jpg
Letterpress Adjustable Band
from 25.00
LC 11-13 Web-32 (1).jpg
Letterpress Bar Necklace
from 34.00
LC 11-13 Web-19 (1).jpg
The Victorians Laurel Necklace
from 34.00
LC 11-13 Web-28 (1).jpg
The Victorians Emma Necklace
from 34.00
LC 11-13 Web-76.jpg
The Victorians Cigar Band - Thistle Pattern
from 55.00
LC 11-13 Web-96.jpg
The Victorians Cigar Band - Daisy Pattern
from 55.00
LC 11-13 Web-68.jpg
The Victorians Cuff - Thistle Pattern
from 135.00
Everyday Chain Ring
Adjustable Goldfish Ring
from 165.00
LC 10-30 Web-105.jpg
Wrap-Around Whale Ring
from 49.00
Web Res LC 5-3-27.jpg
Whale Necklace
from 69.00
Web LC-1-29-190.jpg
Adjustable Double Ring
from 49.00
Web LC-1-29-11.jpg
Little Fred the Dinosaur Ring
from 317.00
sold out
Web Res LC 5-3-30.jpg
Labyrinth Necklace
from 360.00
Web LC-1-29-3.jpg
Labyrinth Ring
from 300.00
Tiger Ring
from 317.00
Web LC-1-29-160.jpg
Molar Ring
from 69.00
Web LC-1-29-49.jpg
No. 5 Key Knuckle Ring
from 129.00
Web LC-1-29-20.jpg
Lion Ring
from 317.00
Little Fred the Dinosaur Necklace
from 129.00
sold out
Web Res LC 5-3-2.jpg
Hello Necklace
Heart Ring
from 32.00
Web LC-1-29-205.jpg
Mini Stud Earrings
LC 11-13 Web-15.jpg
Kitty Cat Necklace
from 34.00
LC 11-13 Web-1.jpg
Lucky Horseshoe Necklace
from 34.00
LC 10-30 Web-65.jpg
Bumble Bee Necklace
from 34.00
LC 10-30 Web-96.jpg
Butterfly Necklace
from 34.00
Hummingbird Necklace
from 34.00
LC 10-30 Web-74.jpg
Elephant Necklace
from 34.00
Web Res LC 5-3-48.jpg
Camel Necklace
Web Res LC 5-3-22.jpg
Wishbone Necklace
from 34.00
Fly Necklace
from 34.00
Web Res LC 5-3-10.jpg
Sand Dollar Necklace
from 69.00
Web Res LC 5-3-46.jpg
Mummy Necklace
Web Res LC 5-3-15.jpg
Unicorn Magic Necklace
from 39.00
Web Res LC 5-3-35.jpg
Unicorn Jumping Necklace
LC 10-30 Web-128.jpg
Convex Signet
from 75.00
Web LC-1-29-148.jpg
Star Signet
from 55.00
Web LC-1-29-74.jpg
Men's Textured Square Signet
from 75.00
LC 10-30 Web-138.jpg
Classic Square Signet
from 75.00
Web LC-1-29-71.jpg
Men's Horseshoe Ring
from 95.00
Web LC-1-29-114.jpg
Women's Horseshoe Ring
from 59.00
Web LC-1-29-88.jpg
Small Circular Signet
from 75.00
Web LC-1-29-86.jpg
Men's Smooth Circular Signet
from 75.00
Web LC-1-29-128.jpg
Mini Signet Ring
from 34.00
Web LC-1-29-95.jpg
Oval Textured Signet
from 55.00
2" Chain Extender
2017-07-12 09.11.56.jpg
Grandma Necklace
Domed Ring Silver
2017-07-14 11.31.47.jpg
Goldfish Necklace
from 69.00
Conch Shell Necklace