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4327 Santa Cruz Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107
United States

(619) 972-3848

Lady Cromer Jewelry is a California based brand that offers unique, large-scale jewelry inspired by nature.  Each piece is handmade in the USA. A percentage of profits are donated to charities that support young women and girls in the community.  

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At Lady Cromer we want you to be inspired by our jewelry.  If there is a piece that you love but want to make in a different metal or add a colored gem to embellish, let us know!  We can work with you directly to make your LCJ jewelry completely your own.  Please allow an extra 2 weeks for these orders.  We promise, it will be worth the wait!


Be aware that brass and bronze may tarnish with time.  This simply means that the texture will become more defined with wear.  We recommend letting the piece evolve in this way. However if you wish to have it polished we do offer a one-time free polish within a year of purchase.  After that most jewelers will perform this service at minimal cost. 


Brass and bronze may temporarily discolor the skin.  To prevent this, we recommend taking off jewelry made of these metals when washing your hands.  As a last resort, a thin layer of clear nail polish on the inside of the ring and under the face of the ring can prevent this from happening.  


Giving back to the community is a huge part of the LCJ mission. By supporting young women and girls through confidence training and scholarships it is our goal to inspire the women of tomorrow to do great things.  On a bi-yearly basis we choose a charity to donate a percentage of our sales throughout that year.